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How to: news stand, kiosk, information display, news totem – part 2/2: Cycle PPT presentations from a recursive batch file

To quickly complement my previous entry, here is how I solved the problem of having the computer to Cycle between the PowerPoint slideshows. I found an easy way of using the CLI switches for the PowerPoint exe file, which you can either Google about or use this link provided for the ease referring to the 2007 version.

Therefore, you could for instance have a batch file loop.bat containing, for each PowerPoint presentation to be displayed, an invocation of the PowerPoint executable with the desired switches. As the PowerPoint presentation in my case are in a well-known directory location on the computer file system, I created a generateloop.bat file in order to construct the former loop.bat file programmatically.

In short, at the start-up of the computer, you call generateloop.bat because you want to:

  1. For each .ppt or .pptx file found that you want to display, write an entry in the loop.bat file, in order to launch PowerPoint and display as a slideshow that .ppt .
  2. Have the loop.bat file to call itself after it has cycled all the powerpoint entries
  3. As your last action of generateloop.bat, you want to start “loop.bat”

As I believe in this case is just easier to experiment with it rather than trying to explain it via words, here is a provided gist on github documenting the generateloop.bat batch file.

It is just a pity the PowerPoint Viewer seems to be missing the option to disable the “End with black slide” which instead you can find on the actual Office installation, otherwise rather than having to install Office on all these computer would have been fairly easier to deploy the simpler Viewer instead.

I really wonder if anybody has been more successful in using the Viewer on a kiosk installation where the requirement is to cycle between several PowerPoint presentations, instead than just one.