SAP on my MacBook Air

So I just wanted to run a quick experiment.

SAP on my MacBook Air

I got a new MacBook Air as a replacement of my previous machine. Installed Java JRE smoothly and, just immediately after, the SAPGUI for the Java Environment. After sorting out the syntax for the connection string (i.e.: in the most simple scenarios it’s something like /H/hostname/S/3200 ) then connection to SAP works like a charm.

Why do I blog this

Usually most users and consultants working with SAP are lead to believe it’s a very strict and well framed ERP environment. This is true from several perspectives, however with a simple research on the SDN and Googling around, there are also several interesting related products and technologies. Potentially this could prove that “the best run businesses run SAP” leveraging connections from several platforms.


2 thoughts on “SAP on my MacBook Air”

  1. HI, which technical detail for your mac book air ?
    I intend to buy mac book air 11,6″, core I7 (processor 1,7 GHz), 8GB RAM
    Is it stable for SAP ?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Ciao, it’s an “old” mid-2011 MacBook Air.
      The SAP GUI client is Java based, hence I suggest you check which requirements are currently valid. In my experience at that time, it was more than sufficient.
      You will likely experience most problem with connection to other third-party software package and libraries; for instance, I suspect some Office integration *might* not be available, so if you have integration requirements on your computer beside just connecting to SAP, I would urge you check if that is supported.
      Hope this helps.


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